Hooray June!

It’s Monday June 1st. Start of a brand new month and a brand new week. Spring is here in full force and it’s been raining for the last day or so. May was very dry… dry enough that it may set a record, so the rain is welcome. It washed the pollen from the air, waters the plants and relieves some of the heat that was starting to creep up into uncomfortable ranges, aka, my sweat zone.

I’ve been slightly bitten by the gardening bug this year. If a plant has any chance of survival near me it really needs to go into the ground. I tend to neglect them or pay too much attention to them and over watering. I’m growing basil on the back deck in a pot though and that seems to be thriving. I’ve already eaten a bunch of it and it keeps on growing! I’ve got pansies in railing boxes too and they’re still alive. It’s a small miracle, but I’ll take it. I’m also a cheap gardener. I tend to only buy perennials because I don’t want to keep buying plants every year only to have them die.

I don’t have a whole lot else to say today, but I haven’t posted here much and felt I should pop in.


Weighty Thoughts

My husband and I have been on a bit of a weight loss kick since last Fall. We’ve both been doing fairly well at it. Slow and steady wins the race, right?

Apparently I’ve lost enough weight that co-workers of mine have started to notice. These people are not shy and are very vocal. Most of the comments have been positive but there was one that has stuck with me, like a slap in the face.

She said “Are you happier because you’ve lost weight?”

I wasn’t sure how to take that. Not “Are you happy THAT you’ve lost weight” but BECAUSE. Hmm…

Coming from who it was coming from I wondered what her motives were. I’ve long suspected this particular person has her own issues with food, happiness and her body, but that’s her cross to bear. I told her that my happiness isn’t influenced by what I eat and walked away from her.

But oddly enough, what she said still creeps into my head and I kind of resent that.

Not only was she rude, but she was insinuating that I wasn’t happy to begin with. Who the hell does she think she is? I refuse to let her toxic comment influence how I feel about my weight.

I would say I am glad I have lost weight, and proud of it because damn it, it’s hard WORK. Exercise does make me feel good and helps with my back pain, but happier BECAUSE of it? No. I am still the same snarky bitch who is trying real hard not to use the F word in this post that I’ve always been. Love me as I am, or don’t love me at all I say!

Now that I’ve written this post I feel better, dare I say happier, BECAUSE it is no longer rattling around in my head.

Warning: Here there be Puns

Yesterday while driving to Ron’s parent’s house for Mother’s Day we had the following exchange:

Me: “WOW, that’s a very bright red car” as we pull up next to a bright, shiny, new looking and violently red Kia Soul at a stop light.

Ron: “The finish on the paint hasn’t been beaten down by the weather yet.”

Me: In fake-tired voice, “You mean it hasn’t been beaten down by the world yet.”

Ron: “Yeah, that Soul hasn’t been crushed.”


Buy My Stuff!

I’m working on a new Zazzle Store that will eventually be filled with the stranger, less serious things I come up with. You can find the store here: ReallyStrangeGirl. I will be adding to this store over the summer to prepare for the holidays. As always you can buy my photo related products HERE or HERE. Thanks for your support. Happy shopping!



Monday morning. I have the exquisite pleasure of not having to go into to work first thing on Monday mornings. I work the afternoon/evening shift on Mondays and trust me when I say I know how lucky I am to have only worked a handful of Monday mornings during my adult life.

That said, you’d think I’d get more done on Mondays, but no. I tend to let myself sleep in and sip a leisurely cup of tea and just be a little lazy. Or maybe I am just trying to justify my laziness? Who knows. Either way, my time is up and it’s time for me to get ready to face the workday.

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I have a good feeling about today. I have the day off and the next next 12 or so hours are all mine. This gal requires solitude every once in a while and today I welcome it and I feel like it’s going to be a productive day. Not that I’m not productive when I’m not alone mind you, it’s just that every two weeks I have a day off to myself but rare is the day off that isn’t spoken for in some way and I find I am productive in a different way when alone and quiet. There’s always a chance of falling down the internet rabbit hole or falling into a mental vat of self pity, but not today. Not gonna let that happen. Nope. I s’pose that’s why I like the job position I have. I have one of the few semi-private offices where I can truly be alone while I work on occasion. I can indulge my inner introvert. Wait, isn’t being an introvert already an inner thing? Too many layers. Am I an onion of introvertedness? Is this a thing? Is that even a word? Well, now that I’ve gone down this road of introverted introspection it’s time to get off the computer and get some shit done. But first, more tea.