All Work and No Play…

I missed another day yesterday. Oh well. I had a long day at work and then went out with co-workers after and didn’t get home until 10:30, at which point I went directly to bed. I did not pass go. I did not collect $200.

I figured it was good to get out and vent to sympathetic ears about our current work situation. A little less social media and a little more actually socializing was good. There are some people I haven’t seen in weeks, and others I’ve seen far too  much of. Too much togetherness for far too long. We all need our space and our places to hide from each other, yet we need to see the others and let them vent to us as well.

I can’t wait until we are back in the building and back to our regular routines.



How about this weather?

Can I just say, the weather these last couple of weeks has been amazing. Simply perfect. Temp’s ranging from 65-75 and dry.  This is unheard of this time of year in New England. Yeah, it’s supposed to absolutely dump tomorrow, but the last two weeks? Perfect weather for this big, pale, sweaty broad.


Well, it seems I missed a day. I spaced out on yesterday. Almost spaced out on today too.

So what exciting thing happened today? Well, I bought some new clothes. My husband makes a great personal stylist. There was a Patriot’s game on this afternoon so off to the mall we went in the hopes that everyone else in the area decided to stay home and watch the game. They didn’t, but I wonder how busy it would be if there wasn’t a game on.

Usually I won’t set foot in a mall after Halloween until well after Christmas. It wasn’t too bad today though. I found a slouchy pair of boots and a few things at Torrid. I love the clothes at Torrid, but sadly I am the smallest size they carry since they cater to gals bigger than me. I have the reverse problem in the regular size stores where I am either the largest size they carry or they don’t carry it at all. *sigh* With the help of my husband though I found two skirts, a dress, and a cardigan with skulls on it.

Oh, and the Bruins won tonight. Overall a good weekend.

Oh, the Hilarity….

It’s the end of another long ass week. My husband and I went out to dinner since neither of us felt like cooking. I had an adult beverage or two, which is just enough for me to think I’m hilarious, but not quite enough for me to actually be funny. I do however feel much more relaxed now though.

I think that’s all I have to say tonight. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I decided to do this blog every day thing this month. Hopefully I’ll be a little more interesting after getting some much needed sleep. Good night!


Tonight I am more tired than a I remember being in a long, long time. I’m tired, I ache and I want to go to bed, however I shouldn’t because then I’ll be wide awake sometime in the middle of the night and that will mess me up even more. Right now I am aiming to stay awake until 9pm, then I’ll go to bed. I’ve put a lot of clicks on my pedometer walking between three locations for work, all within a couple of blocks from each other. This is good, but damn it, I’m tired.


About two and a half weeks ago I arrived early for work on a Saturday morning preparing to open the building for the day. I was greeted by my workplace being surrounded by police and fire trucks. I quickly approached the first officer I saw to find out was was going on. I learned that two electricians were let into the building to work on an ongoing project earlier that morning and something terrible went wrong. Something in the basement exploded and the two men were injured, one of them quite badly, and they had just taken them both off to the hospital.

Fortunately the incident was contained to a small area of the building and burned out quickly. The sprinkler system apparently did not need to come on. I haven’t heard how the two electricians are doing other than than they are recovering, and I will probably never learn more on that score due to HIPAA regulations. Unfortunately, the damages to the electrical system were extensive enough that we are not allowed back into the building during the investigation and will likely not be able to open to the public for at least five more weeks while repairs are made.

The rest of the staff and I are scattered at a few different sites all over town. This is good because it means I still have a job. My schedule however is all messed up and it’s really messing with the rhythm of my life. I feel exhausted, I’m eating poorly, and I find myself sitting way more than I usually do. My sleep is erratic and I’m way more jumpy/cranky/bitchy than usual. It’s going to be a long couple of weeks.

I have a planned vacation coming up after next week and I sorely need it. Talk about timing!