Monday morning. I have the exquisite pleasure of not having to go into to work first thing on Monday mornings. I work the afternoon/evening shift on Mondays and trust me when I say I know how lucky I am to have only worked a handful of Monday mornings during my adult life.

That said, you’d think I’d get more done on Mondays, but no. I tend to let myself sleep in and sip a leisurely cup of tea and just be a little lazy. Or maybe I am just trying to justify my laziness? Who knows. Either way, my time is up and it’s time for me to get ready to face the workday.

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I have a good feeling about today. I have the day off and the next next 12 or so hours are all mine. This gal requires solitude every once in a while and today I welcome it and I feel like it’s going to be a productive day. Not that I’m not productive when I’m not alone mind you, it’s just that every two weeks I have a day off to myself but rare is the day off that isn’t spoken for in some way and I find I am productive in a different way when alone and quiet. There’s always a chance of falling down the internet rabbit hole or falling into a mental vat of self pity, but not today. Not gonna let that happen. Nope. I s’pose that’s why I like the job position I have. I have one of the few semi-private offices where I can truly be alone while I work on occasion. I can indulge my inner introvert. Wait, isn’t being an introvert already an inner thing? Too many layers. Am I an onion of introvertedness? Is this a thing? Is that even a word? Well, now that I’ve gone down this road of introverted introspection it’s time to get off the computer and get some shit done. But first, more tea.

Random Blathering

Sometimes I think I should change the name of this blog to Random Blathering. I tend to blather often. Sometimes I get myself into a blather lather.


I am procrastinating right now. I am hoping to leave for work an hour early so I can run some errands on my way to work. I want to hit the post office, my local library, the craft store for some etching cream. I want to leave by 11 and it is now 10:21 and I haven’t showered yet. Procrastination may truly be my super power.


I am still doing the April Love Photo Challenge. It’s been fun so far and I’ve made it halfway through. I respond well to these kind of challenges. Usually.


The Bruins season is officially over as they did not make it into the playoffs. My Spring evenings have suddenly opened up I guess. Time to root for Ottawa!


It’s been harder and harder to peel myself out of bed in the morning these days unless I have a compelling reason to do so. If I have a day off or morning off I’ve been sleeping in. Part of me thinks, well, I must need the rest. Another part of me feels gross and thinks I should get my lazy ass out of bed. Time to think of reasons to get up early I guess. I am NOT a morning person and never have been.


Okay, that’s enough blathering for now. Time to shower and get my ass out the door.

Generic Blog Title Here

This past week was actually okay. Not great, but okay. I threw my back out IN MY SLEEP over the weekend. Seriously, who does that? I rolled over and the pain was enough to wake me out of a sound sleep. It got better for a few days, and then yesterday I twanged it again. It was bad enough to stay home from work to rest it and I am glad I did. Today was a much better day pain-wise.

I had an actual paying photo gig last Friday. For reals. It’s been a little while and it’s good to get back into the swing of things. It was a lot of work but fun. A simple one hour sitting of a lawyer in his office. I spent an hour in a lawyers office and he paid ME to be there. Go figure. I think it went pretty well. I’ve already delivered the images and he hasn’t called to say he hates them, so that’s good, right?

Later in the weekend I photographed my niece Shae in a figure skating competition. You can see her in all her adorableness HERE. She won her first gold and it was as cute as you think it is.

I am all caught up on personal photo work too. I finally finished editing holiday photos. It feels good to have that done. Now I can focus on creating more images! I have a new camera to play with and I’m itching to get to it. I do have to get a lens fixed, but I have three others I can work with in the meantime. The three working lenses are a 50mm, a 70-200mm and  macro lens. Not exactly ideal for everyday photos, but I still have my old camera with its lenses and this forces me out of my comfort zone photographically speaking. I will get this lens fixed soon.

Now to resume work on my photo website!



I’m doing a photo challenge for the month of April. It’s nothing fancy, and I’ll probably do most of it with the camera on my phone, but it’s something to get my mind into photo mode. You can find the challenge HERE. You can view my images for it on Instagram and Flickr.

Now to get outside and photograph stuff! Come on Spring! Is that the sun I see? Could it be?

Random Blathering – Winter Blues Edition


And who doesn’t like balloons, eh?


It’s been a hard Winter. The weather has been terrible with nearly 100 inches of snow in a very short amount of time. We’ve had a sewer back up, a gas leak and ice dams. I am so sick of talking about it yet it’s the ever present topic in my mind. Fuck this Winter. Fuck this Winter for taking over my mind and make me think of almost nothing else. Fuck this Winter sideways with a chainsaw.


Our house is a mess. Between water damage, both of us tracking in salt, snow and slop all winter and a bad case of the fuckits things are not as tidy as I would like. I s’pose I should start some “Spring” cleaning if only to regain some sense of control over the house situation. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to open some windows and air out the joint. Let the games begin!



I need sunlight and warmth. (but not too warm!)I am actually looking forward to allergy season because it will mean an end to the onslaught of snow.  At the very least allergy season would give me something new to bitch about. Only seven more days from the first official day of Spring. Alright nature… BRING IT.



I need to move more. My body responds very well to exercise. Of course, our gym is closing at the end of the month. Yes, the lovely facility I can see from my back deck that we ought to have joined when we first moved here is closing. We just joined there in what, November? And now it’s closing. Funny how as soon as we do something, or find a product we like, a bra that fits, or whatever it closes or they stop making it. I think we are jinxed.



Daylight Savings time was last weekend. I think I am finally over the time change. Oddly enough the older I get, the hard it is to recover from the one hour time change. One measly hour. What is wrong with me?


I feel tired.

Ron’s getting over a nasty cold that so far I have managed to avoid. Of course, this also means I have also avoided a lot of physical contact with him. And I’ve become the cootie patrol. I am constantly washing my hands and I have become a fan of antiseptic wipes. I know ye got to eat your pound of dirt and all, but I really, really, really don’t want to be sick this Spring. Fortunately he’s on the mend and so far I am okay. I am a little sniffly and tired, but otherwise okay. Let the physical contact commence henceforth!


Well, this turned into a downer of a post. Honestly, I feel pretty good today. It’s actually sunny out and not freezing. It ain’t warm, but  it’s better than freezing. It’s not snowing. The existing snow is melting. I got things done today. I was productive! Hooray me! Vomiting out all this mental garbage is kinda therapeutic, y’know? You know what else helps? Fart jokes. I’ll leave you with one now.


See? Everything’s gonna be alright.

More Bitching About The Weather

Just when I thought the weather couldn’t get any worse, it did. We got hit with ANOTHER blizzard. On the bright side, all this snow better kill all the damn mosquitoes.

The snow is piled taller than I am, and taller than Ron in a lot of places. There are no right turn lanes anywhere anymore as they are all filled with snow. You can’t see around the snowbanks either and because the sidewalks are in even worse shape people are walking int he street. Driving to work could suck royally.

Oh yeah, and it’s snowing again. As in, right now. Yup. UGH.

I did spend most of yesterday in my art room getting paint under my fingernails and that was good. It allowed me to think of something besides the weather. I started a few collages, cleaned up and organized a bit and worked on a handmade journal I started before Christmas. I ate chocolate and drank tea all the while and it was good.

Now it’s time to get ready for work. Got to make my lunch and take a shower. It’s my first day back after ten days off. I feel like dressing very girly today but I’m afraid the weather just won’t allow it. I’m afraid that I have not mastered the art of looking cute and being warm at the same time.



Oh Winter… why must you be so mean? Oh sure, we’re hardy New Englanders descended from Canadians, but even this Winter has been a bit much. There’s another, ANOTHER, blizzard in the forecast for this coming weekend. I can’t even laugh about it anymore. The whole Winter Wonderland thing has most certainly lost its charm for me, not that it had much to begin with.


We have now discovered that there is water behind two walls and the sheet rock is soft. Lovely. I have to keep the TV on for background noise because I find myself jumping up at every little tapping noise to see if water is coming in from somewhere new. I now truly understand how some people can acquire OCD behaviors. I am doing my best to not look up at the ceiling every chance I get.


On the bright side, we don’t have to go anywhere this weekend and I think I might just let the condo association do their job and dig us out for this one. I have shoveled enough. I’m done. Picture me dropping a shovel like a microphone.


The MBTA stopped running on Tuesday. Let that sink in for a moment. The public transportation system for a major metropolitan area that people rely on as an alternative to driving into the city no matter what the weather, but ESPECIALLY in bad weather, SHUT DOWN because of the accumulated snow and equipment failures. Fortunately Ron had taken Tuesday and Wednesday off this week to spend time with me during my so-called vacation and didn’t have to figure out how to get in to work. The whole system is terribly underfunded and the head of the MBTA has since given her resignation over this mess. City officials want to host an Olympics here? Give me a break. Even now the system is experience delays and slow downs and I have no idea how long it’s going to take Ron to get home tonight.


I had such great plans for this week. I was going to get a lot of stuff done. I realize I’m only halfway into this vacation and there’s still plenty of time, but my heart is no longer in it. I need to shake off this funk and get something done today or I fear the rest of this week off is truly done for. The icing on the cake was last night when, a few hours after eating dinner, I had terrible stomach pains.  Let me tell you that I am very glad our sewer issues from last week have been cleared up and I am glad I have working toilets. I don’t know what caused it, and Ron feels fine. It’s more than 12 hours after the stomach issues started and I just heard a noise that I thought was a hard drive acting up, but no, it was my stomach. UGH. I’m afraid to eat anything now.


Well, it’s time to make the best of things. Time to go cross something off my to do list, even if it’s just one small thing.


How many days until Spring?