Random Blathering – Winter Blues Edition


And who doesn’t like balloons, eh?


It’s been a hard Winter. The weather has been terrible with nearly 100 inches of snow in a very short amount of time. We’ve had a sewer back up, a gas leak and ice dams. I am so sick of talking about it yet it’s the ever present topic in my mind. Fuck this Winter. Fuck this Winter for taking over my mind and make me think of almost nothing else. Fuck this Winter sideways with a chainsaw.


Our house is a mess. Between water damage, both of us tracking in salt, snow and slop all winter and a bad case of the fuckits things are not as tidy as I would like. I s’pose I should start some “Spring” cleaning if only to regain some sense of control over the house situation. I can’t wait until it’s warm enough to open some windows and air out the joint. Let the games begin!



I need sunlight and warmth. (but not too warm!)I am actually looking forward to allergy season because it will mean an end to the onslaught of snow.  At the very least allergy season would give me something new to bitch about. Only seven more days from the first official day of Spring. Alright nature… BRING IT.



I need to move more. My body responds very well to exercise. Of course, our gym is closing at the end of the month. Yes, the lovely facility I can see from my back deck that we ought to have joined when we first moved here is closing. We just joined there in what, November? And now it’s closing. Funny how as soon as we do something, or find a product we like, a bra that fits, or whatever it closes or they stop making it. I think we are jinxed.



Daylight Savings time was last weekend. I think I am finally over the time change. Oddly enough the older I get, the hard it is to recover from the one hour time change. One measly hour. What is wrong with me?


I feel tired.

Ron’s getting over a nasty cold that so far I have managed to avoid. Of course, this also means I have also avoided a lot of physical contact with him. And I’ve become the cootie patrol. I am constantly washing my hands and I have become a fan of antiseptic wipes. I know ye got to eat your pound of dirt and all, but I really, really, really don’t want to be sick this Spring. Fortunately he’s on the mend and so far I am okay. I am a little sniffly and tired, but otherwise okay. Let the physical contact commence henceforth!


Well, this turned into a downer of a post. Honestly, I feel pretty good today. It’s actually sunny out and not freezing. It ain’t warm, but  it’s better than freezing. It’s not snowing. The existing snow is melting. I got things done today. I was productive! Hooray me! Vomiting out all this mental garbage is kinda therapeutic, y’know? You know what else helps? Fart jokes. I’ll leave you with one now.


See? Everything’s gonna be alright.

More Bitching About The Weather

Just when I thought the weather couldn’t get any worse, it did. We got hit with ANOTHER blizzard. On the bright side, all this snow better kill all the damn mosquitoes.

The snow is piled taller than I am, and taller than Ron in a lot of places. There are no right turn lanes anywhere anymore as they are all filled with snow. You can’t see around the snowbanks either and because the sidewalks are in even worse shape people are walking int he street. Driving to work could suck royally.

Oh yeah, and it’s snowing again. As in, right now. Yup. UGH.

I did spend most of yesterday in my art room getting paint under my fingernails and that was good. It allowed me to think of something besides the weather. I started a few collages, cleaned up and organized a bit and worked on a handmade journal I started before Christmas. I ate chocolate and drank tea all the while and it was good.

Now it’s time to get ready for work. Got to make my lunch and take a shower. It’s my first day back after ten days off. I feel like dressing very girly today but I’m afraid the weather just won’t allow it. I’m afraid that I have not mastered the art of looking cute and being warm at the same time.



Oh Winter… why must you be so mean? Oh sure, we’re hardy New Englanders descended from Canadians, but even this Winter has been a bit much. There’s another, ANOTHER, blizzard in the forecast for this coming weekend. I can’t even laugh about it anymore. The whole Winter Wonderland thing has most certainly lost its charm for me, not that it had much to begin with.


We have now discovered that there is water behind two walls and the sheet rock is soft. Lovely. I have to keep the TV on for background noise because I find myself jumping up at every little tapping noise to see if water is coming in from somewhere new. I now truly understand how some people can acquire OCD behaviors. I am doing my best to not look up at the ceiling every chance I get.


On the bright side, we don’t have to go anywhere this weekend and I think I might just let the condo association do their job and dig us out for this one. I have shoveled enough. I’m done. Picture me dropping a shovel like a microphone.


The MBTA stopped running on Tuesday. Let that sink in for a moment. The public transportation system for a major metropolitan area that people rely on as an alternative to driving into the city no matter what the weather, but ESPECIALLY in bad weather, SHUT DOWN because of the accumulated snow and equipment failures. Fortunately Ron had taken Tuesday and Wednesday off this week to spend time with me during my so-called vacation and didn’t have to figure out how to get in to work. The whole system is terribly underfunded and the head of the MBTA has since given her resignation over this mess. City officials want to host an Olympics here? Give me a break. Even now the system is experience delays and slow downs and I have no idea how long it’s going to take Ron to get home tonight.


I had such great plans for this week. I was going to get a lot of stuff done. I realize I’m only halfway into this vacation and there’s still plenty of time, but my heart is no longer in it. I need to shake off this funk and get something done today or I fear the rest of this week off is truly done for. The icing on the cake was last night when, a few hours after eating dinner, I had terrible stomach pains.  Let me tell you that I am very glad our sewer issues from last week have been cleared up and I am glad I have working toilets. I don’t know what caused it, and Ron feels fine. It’s more than 12 hours after the stomach issues started and I just heard a noise that I thought was a hard drive acting up, but no, it was my stomach. UGH. I’m afraid to eat anything now.


Well, it’s time to make the best of things. Time to go cross something off my to do list, even if it’s just one small thing.


How many days until Spring?

F the Snow!

So yesterday while I was shoveling I started singing “Fuck the Snow” in my head to the tune of “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen. Today I sat down and wrote this. Sing along with me kids!

“Fuck the Snow”

The snow piles high like a mountain today
Not a snowplow to be seen
It’s epic, the desolation
The temperature’s so mean.

Ice dams are dripping, leaking, water gets inside
Can’t keep it out, Everyone knows I’ve tried!

Don’t track it in, please wipe your feet
Please keep that fucking snow out on the street
I’m done, no fun, go inside now?
Sure, NOW they PLOW!

Fuck the snow, fuck the snow
Can’t shovel it anymore
Fuck the snow, fuck the snow
Go away, no more, no more!

I can’t work
Don’t wanna go and play
And the snow piles up
Can’t really go anywhere anyway!

It’s scary how a forecast
Instills panic in all
As it nears, won’t take hold of me
It’s bread and milk for all!

Must go shovel, and you will too
Rest between storms, and pray too
No work, no school, finally breaking me!

Fuck the snow, fuck the snow
Why must this shit fall from the sky
Fuck the snow, fuck the snow
You make me want to die!

Bundled up
Can’t move my arms
Blind rage moves me on!

Snow blowers fury grinds, blows the snow all around
Icicles glistening in a dozen points to the ground
Then a heavy shovel shoots much pain down my ass
Oh fuck, my aching back,
Winter, cut me some slack!

Fuck the snow, fuck the snow
Up at the fucking break of dawn
Fuck the snow, fuck the snow
To shovel ’til it’s gone!

Snow banks high
It’s a blight today
Winter’s lost its charm
It gets old and bothers me every day!


Here We Snow Again!

We are in the middle of our third major snowstorm in two weeks, with a handful of smaller storms in between. It’s the third Monday in a row the library I work for has had to close. I am so weary of the snow I haven’t even been able to write about it since the first big storm. I’m on vacation this week, so I don’t get the snow day today. I don’t even get the vacation day back, but that’s okay. There was a small comfort in knowing I didn’t have to go to work today no matter what the weather.

Since that first big storm, which was officially a blizzard, we’ve had a gas leak, a sewer back up, an ice dam and a leaking chimney cap. Oh, and shoveling, shoveling, shoveling. We supposedly pay a condo fee to keep up with the shoveling, and they do an okay job, but if you need to go anywhere and it’s not on their schedule you are out of luck.

I thought this would be a good week to get things done around the house. Cleaning, dusting, maybe an art project here and there… run some errands, do some shopping (I need new bras damn it!) Y’know, generally catch up on stuff and try to relax. Mother nature has a way of messing up your plans though.

I hear there is more snow forecast for later in the week as well. This pretty much sums up how I feel about that bit of news:



Another Snow Day!



It’s snowing again. We’ve had a pretty mild Winter so far. It only really started snowing around here a week and a half ago, but it hasn’t really stopped. I’ve had 4 1/2 snow days in the last nine days. I am determined to make the most of today’s snow day though and do something around the house. If I don’t get something done I will turn into raging snow bitch.

I didn’t get anything done on my day off Friday because I was dealing with surprise house crap. While shoveling the back deck I smelled gas. The smell went away. Then I smelled it again. So I went downstairs through the basement to see I smelled it there or under the deck. I opened the basement door and was hit full on by the smell of gas. I called the gas company who said they’d send someone out right away, and I went back down to the basement investigate further. Upon checking where the gas line comes into the house I discover a puddle on the basement floor. UGH. Now what?

The gas guy arrives, grabs his “sniffing equipment” and proceeds to check around for leaks. The dude won’t stop talking. I’m trying to text/call Ron to tell him what’s going on and this guy is yammering on about nothing while poking his sniffer thing into the snow and around the meter. Finally I excuse myself and deal to deal with updating my husband.

Good news – Chatty Gassy finds a leak and malfunction on the meter and replaces it. Bad news – The water is most likely coming from the roof up behind the chimney where we can’t see what’s going on up there and can’t reach it with a roof rake. We believe it to be melting and getting into the chimney and flowing straight through to the basement. It is not coming into the main part of the house YET. We are watching it very closely though.

As for today… well, I have a list of things to do while I’m on vacation next week. Perhaps I’ll just pick the crappiest thing on it and get it out of the way today? Or maybe I’ll just putter around the house doing any number of the endless daily things that need doing? Or maybe I’ll sit in front of the computer all day… nah, can’t do that. Time to get off my ass and move around.

Snow! Blizzard! Snowpacalypse! SNOWMAGEDDON!

Last Saturday we got a snowstorm and I got a day off of work. We got about 6 inches of snow here and 9 or so inches in the town I work in. I bet my all wheel drive vehicle would have made the trip just fine. It turns out, 6-9 inches is simply adorable.

Two days ago they closed work early, and preemptively closed the following day as well. Why you ask? Because of huge epic snowstorm barreling down on us. As I walked to my car the flakes were falling, but they were at that peaceful, pretty stage where you think, How lovely… I’ll enjoy this time at home this evening and tomorrow. I might even get something done around the house.

Well, this particular storm was not “adorable”. This one was a doozy. The town I work in got a whopping 33.5 inches of snow. Where I work is closed again today and here I sit, typing this.


It snowed all night!


View of the pond out back.


Snow’s gettin’ all up in our grill.


Still snowing. Ron’s car is getting slowly buried.


Snow against the deck door.


No grilling tonight…


STILL snowing….


Across the way from us. It almost looks pretty. ALMOST.


The shoveling begins!


My brother Joey gave me this lawn ornament for Christmas.


Ron shovels the walk.




Ron has had enough.