About two and a half weeks ago I arrived early for work on a Saturday morning preparing to open the building for the day. I was greeted by my workplace being surrounded by police and fire trucks. I quickly approached the first officer I saw to find out was was going on. I learned that two electricians were let into the building to work on an ongoing project earlier that morning and something terrible went wrong. Something in the basement exploded and the two men were injured, one of them quite badly, and they had just taken them both off to the hospital.

Fortunately the incident was contained to a small area of the building and burned out quickly. The sprinkler system apparently did not need to come on. I haven’t heard how the two electricians are doing other than than they are recovering, and I will probably never learn more on that score due to HIPAA regulations. Unfortunately, the damages to the electrical system were extensive enough that we are not allowed back into the building during the investigation and will likely not be able to open to the public for at least five more weeks while repairs are made.

The rest of the staff and I are scattered at a few different sites all over town. This is good because it means I still have a job. My schedule however is all messed up and it’s really messing with the rhythm of my life. I feel exhausted, I’m eating poorly, and I find myself sitting way more than I usually do. My sleep is erratic and I’m way more jumpy/cranky/bitchy than usual. It’s going to be a long couple of weeks.

I have a planned vacation coming up after next week and I sorely need it. Talk about timing!


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