The List

So I’ve been pondering compiling and posting a “bucket list”. This is inspired by Maggie Mason over at Mighty Girl. Her list is AMAZING! Here is the beginning of mine:

Belly Dance Lessons. | Learn Spanish. | Visit every state in the United States. | Have a photo of mine hanging in a museum somewhere. | Learn to cook well and maybe even to enjoy it. | Publish a book. (written, photos, anything) | Give $100 bill to a street musician. (Stole that one from Maggie) | Finally get my ass down to Providence for WaterFire. | Go back to Scotland with Ron and no one else. | Drive the Ring Road in Iceland. | Drink Absinthe in Paris. | Slap a certain someone… just once, but really damn hard. | Travel somewhere alone. | Get more tattoos and don’t hide them. | Design my own tattoo | Visit Stonehenge. | Wear or own one really nauseatingly expensive article of clothing or jewelry. | Visit New Zealand. | See a hockey game in Canada. | Visit the graves of Bill Hicks, Bruce Lee & Jimi Hendrix… and maybe John Lennon? (Does this count as one or four?) | Meet Anthony Bourdain. | Go to Ireland. | Get inside an abandoned asylum. | Visit Japan during cherry blossom season. | See Frida Kahlo’s paintings in person. | Make or eat proper Poutine here in the States. | Learn to ride a motorcycle. | Go on a trip with a group of friends. | Learn to speak/sing fearlessly in front of people. | Visit Mexico during the Day of the Dead. | Learn a martial art. | Plant a secret garden. | Visit a tea house in Kyoto with a real geisha. | Eat my way through Italy. | Own a Vespa. | Become a better swimmer. | Go to Spain, try to find Eva. | Have dinner with someone really important or famous. | Visit the Mucha Museum in Prague. | See Aurora Borealis. | Take a ride on a gondola in Venice. | Try to learn to play guitar again. | Go camping on a beach. | Visit every continent. | Take a cruise on a big-ass sailboat, hopefully without puking my guts out. | Visit the Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico. | Shoot a gun. | Visit Portugal with Maria. | Get Mehndi done. | Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride | Go to the San Diego ComicCon. | Ride a Vomit Comet (freefall ride) | Meet Will Wheaton and get him to doodle in my autograph book. | Own My Own Home. | Ride a Bullet Train | Visit a cemetery in New Orleans | Photograph the pyramids. | Try 100 new recipes. | Taste shockingly expensive booze. | Go to Iceland. | Visit the Neon Graveyard in Las Vegas | Photograph Lightning. | Make and wear an article of clothing. | Learn to make/bake something from scratch. | Photograph 100 people named Kristine/Christine. | Own a fabulous, sexy,  red dress and wear the hell out of it. (Stole that from The Bloggess) | Visit a Church made of bones. (Apparently there is more than one) | See the Falkirk Wheel | Ride my bike to and from work once. | Do 100 crunches without breaking a sweat. | Go to  Morocco | Drive Across The U.S. | Visit Turkey. | Look through a giant telescope. | Visit every cemetery in Massachusetts. | See the Sweet Potato Queen Parade. | Swim the Blue Lagoon | Ride a horse without fear. | Go on a whale watch. | Attend the Highland Games in New Hampshire. | Learn how to ice skate. | Make and finish a quilt on my own. | See an All Blacks game in New Zealand. | Host an Ugly Sweater Party for the holidays. | Walk through a field of sunflowers. |


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