Insert Clever Title Here

What has happened in the last month or so? Well, A LOT.

First of all, we FINALLY got our air conditioner replaced, and the furnace to boot. We decided to do the whole shebang at once and avoid having to go through this again when the furnace goes in a few years. With our luck the furnace would die on the coldest night of the year, just like our A/C went kaput just as the summer was reaching its most uncomfortable temps. Hooray for home improvement!

We are also appealing with our insurance company over the ice dam damage that occurred 8 MONTHS AGO. We would like to get that settled asap so we can get our house fixed before the next winter arrives, but they did not give us nearly enough money to do so. Ah, the joys of home ownership.

Stay tuned for tomorrows blog post where I tell the story about a fire at work. Good times!


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