Free the Boobies!


It’s my day off and I am expecting a guy from an HVAC company to arrive later this morning to give us a quote on a new air conditioner and furnace set up. This means I have to be awake and dressed to the point of greeting a stranger in my home. This means I’m wearing a bra.


I generally don’t wear a bra when I’m home, hell, I don’t wear much of anything when I’m hot, especially when we have no A/C. (Oh yeah, our A/C died two weeks ago… good times.) One of the many reasons we bought our own place is so we could walk around buck nekkid if we felt like it.


Wearing garments I don’t have to on a day off is a bit of a drag, (get it?) but it’s not the end of the world. This morning though, the bra feels tight and irritating. Everything feels tight and irritating. It’s like my boobs know it’s a day off and they’re all like “WTF? Why are you doing this to us? It’s the bra’s day off too!” I realize I just anthropomorphized my boobs there. Wait, can I do that? Can I ascribe human attributes to something that is already by definition, a human attribute? Have I entered some kind of grammar inception?

To make a long story short, I have today off, I’m wearing a bra, and I don’t want to be wearing a bra. I also don’t feel like writing anymore, so that’s all for now.




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