Hooray June!

It’s Monday June 1st. Start of a brand new month and a brand new week. Spring is here in full force and it’s been raining for the last day or so. May was very dry… dry enough that it may set a record, so the rain is welcome. It washed the pollen from the air, waters the plants and relieves some of the heat that was starting to creep up into uncomfortable ranges, aka, my sweat zone.

I’ve been slightly bitten by the gardening bug this year. If a plant has any chance of survival near me it really needs to go into the ground. I tend to neglect them or pay too much attention to them and over watering. I’m growing basil on the back deck in a pot though and that seems to be thriving. I’ve already eaten a bunch of it and it keeps on growing! I’ve got pansies in railing boxes too and they’re still alive. It’s a small miracle, but I’ll take it. I’m also a cheap gardener. I tend to only buy perennials because I don’t want to keep buying plants every year only to have them die.

I don’t have a whole lot else to say today, but I haven’t posted here much and felt I should pop in.



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