Random Blathering

Sometimes I think I should change the name of this blog to Random Blathering. I tend to blather often. Sometimes I get myself into a blather lather.


I am procrastinating right now. I am hoping to leave for work an hour early so I can run some errands on my way to work. I want to hit the post office, my local library, the craft store for some etching cream. I want to leave by 11 and it is now 10:21 and I haven’t showered yet. Procrastination may truly be my super power.


I am still doing the April Love Photo Challenge. It’s been fun so far and I’ve made it halfway through. I respond well to these kind of challenges. Usually.


The Bruins season is officially over as they did not make it into the playoffs. My Spring evenings have suddenly opened up I guess. Time to root for Ottawa!


It’s been harder and harder to peel myself out of bed in the morning these days unless I have a compelling reason to do so. If I have a day off or morning off I’ve been sleeping in. Part of me thinks, well, I must need the rest. Another part of me feels gross and thinks I should get my lazy ass out of bed. Time to think of reasons to get up early I guess. I am NOT a morning person and never have been.


Okay, that’s enough blathering for now. Time to shower and get my ass out the door.


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