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This past week was actually okay. Not great, but okay. I threw my back out IN MY SLEEP over the weekend. Seriously, who does that? I rolled over and the pain was enough to wake me out of a sound sleep. It got better for a few days, and then yesterday I twanged it again. It was bad enough to stay home from work to rest it and I am glad I did. Today was a much better day pain-wise.

I had an actual paying photo gig last Friday. For reals. It’s been a little while and it’s good to get back into the swing of things. It was a lot of work but fun. A simple one hour sitting of a lawyer in his office. I spent an hour in a lawyers office and he paid ME to be there. Go figure. I think it went pretty well. I’ve already delivered the images and he hasn’t called to say he hates them, so that’s good, right?

Later in the weekend I photographed my niece Shae in a figure skating competition. You can see her in all her adorableness HERE. She won her first gold and it was as cute as you think it is.

I am all caught up on personal photo work too. I finally finished editing holiday photos. It feels good to have that done. Now I can focus on creating more images! I have a new camera to play with and I’m itching to get to it. I do have to get a lens fixed, but I have three others I can work with in the meantime. The three working lenses are a 50mm, a 70-200mm and  macro lens. Not exactly ideal for everyday photos, but I still have my old camera with its lenses and this forces me out of my comfort zone photographically speaking. I will get this lens fixed soon.

Now to resume work on my photo website!



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