More Bitching About The Weather

Just when I thought the weather couldn’t get any worse, it did. We got hit with ANOTHER blizzard. On the bright side, all this snow better kill all the damn mosquitoes.

The snow is piled taller than I am, and taller than Ron in a lot of places. There are no right turn lanes anywhere anymore as they are all filled with snow. You can’t see around the snowbanks either and because the sidewalks are in even worse shape people are walking int he street. Driving to work could suck royally.

Oh yeah, and it’s snowing again. As in, right now. Yup. UGH.

I did spend most of yesterday in my art room getting paint under my fingernails and that was good. It allowed me to think of something besides the weather. I started a few collages, cleaned up and organized a bit and worked on a handmade journal I started before Christmas. I ate chocolate and drank tea all the while and it was good.

Now it’s time to get ready for work. Got to make my lunch and take a shower. It’s my first day back after ten days off. I feel like dressing very girly today but I’m afraid the weather just won’t allow it. I’m afraid that I have not mastered the art of looking cute and being warm at the same time.


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