Falling Down the Computer Rabbit Hole…

I suspect I am going to fall down the computer rabbit hole today.

I’ll just update my website, but oh look, first I need to find photos to use there, but you haven’t updated your portfolio either. Nope you’re behind on editing too, but first, that reminds you that you need to get photos off your phone since it’s almost full, but you need to update your phone first. And you wanted to make an Instagram book anyway so you might as well start that. Oh look, you are also behind on backing shit up, but why is your computer running so slow? I’ll just purge the Bridge cache while I’m at it… this takes a long time so I’ll just cruise Pinterest while I wait and oooh look! SHINY! Oh, and now I’m here sharing this technological adventure, and of course this would be funny on Facebook so off I go there…

Looks like I need to make more tea.


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