First World Camera Problems

I won two bottle of wine at yesterdays bridal shower. Go me. It was a lovely, if slightly awkward event, but then, there is usually an element of awkwardness in any family gathering.

I did manage to confirm that there is something truly wrong with my camera though, which bums me out. One more thing to deal with I guess and I have absolutely no idea how much it’s going to cost to fix it. It’s the better and more expensive of my two cameras too. *sigh*

Ron did say something that’s been whirling around in my head though… he suggested that perhaps it is time for a new camera? Rather than repair it, put the money towards a new one? In order to get a comparable camera though it’s serious big bucks. We’re talking about three grand here. Yes, I like expensive toys.

Ron and I are attending a photography workshop together in less than two weeks as well and it would have been nice to have two cameras for this. Maybe I can borrow one from a friend or rent one for the weekend. Though, with Ron’s back out of commission who knows how much standing he’ll be able to handle. There is no way my camera would be back in time if I got it fixed. If I buy a new one it can be here in time for this workshop.

But who says I have to get the expensive one? There’s a very good model, and I’m talking VERY good, for about a third of the price. Add an extra $400 bucks and it comes with a lens I don’t own. Hmm… That’s still a lot of money heading into the holiday season and we need to do some work on the house. I don’t know. Maybe repair is the way to go? It’s not like I really need the expensive stuff these days. Maybe repair is the way to go?



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