Labor Day

Labor Day weekend marks the end of Summer in this neck of the woods.  School has begun and so has my morning traffic nightmare. It’s a busy time at the public library I work for since students actually come in to do homework before the enthusiasm wears off.

I love this time of year. The air is cool and there are fewer things I’m allergic to blooming. I always get this feeling of possibilities this time of year as well as the antsy “last chance before it snows”  feeling I think all New Englander’s get in the Fall. There are only so many good weather days left and only a handful are weekends.

This summer has been pretty good for me. The weather was ideal with very few 90+ degree days. I don’t handle the heat well at all. I took every Friday off all summer long and I think it was more restorative than an actual vacation. I got a lot done this summer and my house is clean. A gal could get used to working only 30 hours a week.

There are still a few more things I want to do before the cold weather sets in and the silly season is upon us. I haven’t been to the ocean yet this year.  It’s the perfect time for walks in the woods. There’s still time to sit out on the deck and just read. Christmas will be here soon enough.


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