Random Blathering – Midweek Edition

Today was a long and difficult day at work. I love my job, really I do, it’s just that some days are harder than others. This was a hard one. This was a day made for coming home, taking off the bra and having an adult beverage.


So Ron and I have officially been married for 18 years. Not to brag or nuthin’ but I think that’s pretty awesome. The traditional gift for an 18th anniversary is porcelain so my in-laws bought us a new toilet. For reals. We’ve been delaying a bathroom project, but now I think it’s time to get moving on it again, so to speak.


Only two more long weekends left to the summer and I have things to do on both of them.


Still working on some long projects, both personal and client related,  that are good to get done.  Almost there!


The weather has been absolutely perfect this summer. Not too many hot days. The air is just starting to have a hint of Fall to it. I love this time of year.


The plants I bought last week and actually managed to put in the ground are still alive! It’s a small miracle, but I’ll take it. I’m not much of a gardener and generally can’t keep plants alive, but I figured if I can at least get them into the ground they have a fighting chance. I saw a wee small black toad while watering them this evening.


I marinated pork chops in homemade Mojo Criollo again. They’ve been soaking since last night. This is gonna be yummy.



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