Drunk Blog Posting!

Hooray autocorrect! I am drunk. Yeah!

I am drunk enough to think blog posting is aa good idea right now. Really.

Watched Outlander tonight, which was awesome. You should watch it,. It is awesome. It’s weird being the only one in the room who has read the books, and knows what’s gonna happen.

We watche dthe South Park movie after. Did you knoew that the SOuth Park movie came out in 19999? It’s 15 fucking years old. I feel old. It had it’s moments, nut overall it wa pretty terrible. Wow, autocorrect has all these red squigly lines under everything I’m tyoning. I had al ot of wine. Finished the bottle even. I will probably think this is funny in the morning. Matbye.

ANyway Outlander = GOOD. South Park = MEH. And being drunk you would thng I would find it funnier, but alas, no.

This all leaves me pondering the following: What would Brian Boitano Do? And Claire is on for , well, a lot. I don’t want to give anythign away, but it’s hard. I should re-read the first book again. Maybe mny brain is just fuzzy because of the wine. I really do love these damn books. They ar SO good. Jack Randall is such a dick. SUCH A DICK iteell you.

Yeah… I have a feelign thisn post will be funnyas hell come morning. Hope I’m not too hung over. Hey! It’s my anniversyar tongiht! 18 years! Woo-hhoooo!!!!!!!!

Right. So yeah, maybe I should not have had the whole bottle of wine. It was good though. I can’t feel myh gums. I shoudl go to bed.

Hey, I went shoppng today and bought pants. I found pants that fit. Like, four pairs. That was good, right. I should go to bed. My mind id starting to wander.

You would think that, in my drunken state I would find DSouth Pasrk funnier, but well, not really.

I shoudl go to bed.





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