An Off Day Off

Here’s another edition of Friday off with Kris. I have gotten exactly diddly-squat done so far today.

Usually on a Friday off I drive Ron to the train station to force myself to get up wikked early, get dressed and do something. Not today. I haven’t done shit. I did sleep in, and that my friends was good. It’s been a really long week for reasons that I won’t go into here other to say that if I am ever hospitalized for any reason I want visitors. I want attention. I want balloons and a goddamn party. None of this “I don’t want to worry anyone” shit or “Don’t tell anyone” shit.  (everyone is fine by the way… just don’t want to get into it here.)

My Friday’s off so far this summer have been almost hyper-productive. I’ve made art, cleaned rooms, caught up on laundry, bills, and other household chores, started a huge family photo scanning project, helped start a book group, done some writing, organized my craft room, cleaned up my computer, spent time with friends, and all kinds of other stuff. It feels really good to get these things done.

Anywhooo… here I am sipping my tea after a glorious sleep in, in a nightgown, falling down the Internet Rabbit Hole, trying not to be too hard on myself for not getting anything accomplished so far today. The weather is beyond perfect today and I’ve got all the windows open to let the fresh air in. I intend on finishing my tea, getting dressed enough to run a few errands, then I will come back here and get something accomplished. Nothing major as today feels like it’s going to be more of a quiet and slow day. My main goal today is to finish a client photo project. After that, we’ll see.








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