Random Blathering

Time for another round of Random Blathering. It’s been a fairly productive and consistent month of blogging here. I am happy that I’ve been able to post more often so far this summer.


I’m working on cleaning up my digital life again this morning. A little backing up, a little organizing. Streamlining. I do kind of hate these types of chores because there are no immediately visible results. Yet it needs to be done and here we are. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.


The weather today is absolutely beautiful. It’s only about 70ish degrees and very low humidity. Perfect weather for me. Today would be a perfect day to play hookey and go to the beach, or a long walk in the woods. Alas, work beckons, both at home and later in the day when I have to actually GO to work at my job.


We did not have our weekly toad visitor last weekend. While a little disappointing, perhaps the little fella has finally found a better place to live?


I’ve been working on scanning a ton of old family photos. Now I just have to convince my mom & step-father to let me have their photos to scan. This could be difficult. I’ll probably write an entire entry just on this project soon.


Well, it’s been a productive morning. Bills got paid. Some more files are backed up and/or transferred. I ate breakfast and did two loads of laundry. Not a bad start to the day.





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