Such a Beautiful, Glorious, Sun-shiney Day. Kill me.

Ladies, anyone else ever have cramps so bad you felt like you felt like you were going to puke? Every muscle in your body hurts and you have weird food cravings but you feel like if you eat anything it won’t stay down? Yup, that’s how today is starting.

To add insult to injury this post Hurricane Arthur weather is simply glorious. We’ve got all the windows and doors open. There’s no humidity and a gentle breeze soothing us like a lullaby. I can hear birds chirping and the occasional scream of a hawk doing it’s hawk thang and I feel like shit. The older I get the worse this is every month. I know it will pass and all will be well in a day or two, but today, not so much. Today I feel like death.

Here’s to kicking back and trying to relax on this absolutely amazing day. I may not get anything done or go anywhere, but you know what? That’s okay. Maybe I’ll go sit out on the deck with a heating pad and adult beverage and do a whole lot of nothing. Wouldn’t that be something?



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