A Photographers work is never done. There are always files to organize or back up, prints to order, clients to assist, images to post online, and let’s not forget the piles of personal work. I estimate that for every hour of shooting I do there are at least two hours spent in front of a computer.

This morning while looking for images for an album I started organizing files. Boy, have I let this chore go in a big way. BIG. I used to be so good about keeping things in order so I can find them, but alas, my photographic “house” is a mess. Time to get the “house” in order.

I need to get the literal house in order as well. I find that a certain level of chaos spurs creativity to some degree, but constant disorder wears on the psyche. To quote my dear friend Carrie, “It’s time to take the OCD for a walk” and clean things up a bit. Yeah.

Time to clean the house, organize photos, and clear the brain of all the noise.



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