Brave, Messy Weekend


It’s been a busy week since I last wrote. A roller coaster of work, errands, emotions and play. I attended a fantastic art workshop over the weekend that was a birthday present to myself and met some very lovely people. The image above is the altered book I started at the workshop and will post more images as I work on it. I got paint all over me and had a grand time.


The artist, Sabrina Ward Harrison, was awesome and at the end she signed everyone’s books. Everyone seemed to get what they needed out of the workshop and I think I got the nice swift creative kick in the pants that I really needed. Let’s see how long it lasts.


Part of the workshop took place down by a nearby lake. I went back to the woods to shoot a couple of quick shots with my phone before heading home. Forests have always felt like home to me and I’ve always been drawn to water. Maybe that’s why I now live on a pond? Who knows. What I do know is that I need to make sure I spend more time sitting on my deck enjoying my pond, as well as taking the occasional hike in the woods this summer. My local forest beckons!


Overall my weekend was so relaxing and productive. I don’t think I thought about work at all. It was so hard coming back down to the “real world” on Monday that I drove right by the parking lot for work. *SIGH* We all need weekends like this.


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