Happy New Year!

I am a terrible blogger these days. I guess I just haven’t felt the urge to write anything.

Well, we survived a big-ass work event, Christmas, and had a very quiet New Years and are looking forward to warmer weather as a blizzard is barreling down on us today and tomorrow. Nothing major to report. We lead very dull and unexciting lives and that works for us.

I will not be making any New Years Resolutions this year. Nope. Not gonna. I have hit an age where I know myself and what I am truly capable of and have lowered my expectations accordingly. I might lose weight this year, I might be more creative, but it won’t be because of a so called resolution, which studies show are pretty much doomed to fail anyway, so why make them?

I might do something this year, I might not. But I’m not going to let a resolution dictate how I go about living through 2014. Aw crap… did I just make a resolution by resolving to not make a resolution? I can’t win.



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