Random Blathering – Vacation Edition

This edition of Random Blathering is brought to you by the word Vacation.

I just finished an eleven day stretch of not going to work. I didn’t go anywhere but it was good. It was necessary. It was also on kind of short notice. I don’t usually talk about work here, but this vacation was prompted by the fact that carpet in my office is being repaired and partially redone and I am terribly allergic to the carpet glue. When the did the carpeting in the basement of the building I couldn’t be down there for well over a month after it was installed so I figured I have the time, might as well use it.

The catch is that the carpeting got rescheduled not once, but twice. Apparently it was actually done yesterday. So much for giving it a long stretch to air out before I go back. To say I am not happy about this is an understatement, but what am I gonna do? Typically I’d get VERY angry and be a miserable bitch but it’s not worth wasting the energy, and frankly, I am at a point where I simply do not care anymore. If the glue smell makes me sick and they cannot find somewhere else in the building for me to work easily then I’ve got plenty of sick time I can use. It may bother me physically, but I am not going to let it bother me emotionally and undo the “chillin’ out” this vacation gave me.


About halfway through my vacation I decided that I should do something everyday that will make our lives better or easier. Even if it’s simply cleaning the bathroom, which I did. It’s kind of a good philosophy to have in general come to think about it. I should carry this idea beyond my vacation. That thought, right there, is today’s thing to make our lives better. ;-P


So it was nice to have time off while the weather was good. Ron got a few days off too and we did a bunch of stuff around the house. We organized the garage again and we are much happier with the result this time. Our new car fits better in there as well. Yes, we are those people that actually use our garage for housing cars, but we kind of have to because parking is limited here.


We are making baby steps towards getting the downstairs half-bath remodeled. We’ve reached out to several plumbers. We’ve chosen a toilet and will pick that up as soon as we hear back from a plumber. They are surprisingly difficult to get a hold of. We bought a sink and are choosing paint colors. We’ve started looking at flooring. We’ve been talking about this for so long that I kind of just want this done and over with, but I understand the need to do things in a particular order to make sure it’s done right. I’m betting we’ll be doing much of this over the winter.


I spent some time in my craft room sewing like crazy! I made a quilted wall hanging, a quilted curtain for the front hallway which isn’t finished, but will be soon, and started a table runner made of sari trim I bought at DragonCon way back in 2001. I had planned on working on that quilt I started over a year ago but got derailed by these smaller projects. I guess I just needed to say I did something from beginning to end. Completion is it’s own reward. But the sewing machine is up and running, the fabric , ironing board and tools are out… maybe I’ll get up the gumption to start working on it again.


I will not be doing NaBloPoMo this year. I usually do, but this year, I don’t want to pressure myself into it. I am simply going to promise myself that I will blog more often this month, or at least, try to.


I’ve got more vacation blathering in me, but it’s getting late in the morning and I have errands to run on my way into work so I must start getting ready for the day. It’s been nice sitting here, sippin’ my tea and chatting with y’all.


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