It never ceases to amaze me how much of our identities are wrapped up in how we look, specifically, our hair. It’s also kind of interesting how invested others are in our looks. I once voiced the idea of getting an asymmetric haircut out loud to a co-worker and she was horrified and pretty much forbade me from doing it. I tell ye, if there is one way to get me to do something it’s to forbid it.

So, yeah… I’ve been considering another major haircut lately. I cut it all off in February 2008 and have been actively growing it back out since late 2010 or so.


Growing out your hair sucks for the first 18 months or so.  Perhaps it wouldn’t have sucked so bad if I had a hairdresser I could trust. The right stylist can make growing out your hair pretty painless, or so I’m told. When it was short, I went to this guy, let’s call him Pierre, regularly and he did a great job with it. He pretty much did EXACTLY what I told him to do. I brought pictures and he responded well to them. He was my first hairdresser I went to regularly. Before him I went with whoever was available in whatever salon I wandered into. I stopped going to him though because he was f-ing crazy.


Pierre would occasionally try to talk me into coloring my hair. For those of you who don’t know me, but my hair is what is usually referred to as strawberry blonde. Some would say I’m a redhead, others say I’m a straight up blonde. It depends on the light, the season, who you ask, and my mood. I can go from bubbly blonde to crazy redhead faster than Chris Brown can lose his temper. I used to dye my hair red for fun, but the last time I did was ten years ago and the results were disastrous. I have not dyed my hair since and have come to terms with my hair color and I like it the way it is. I don’t need your stupid highlights Pierre.


He would also talk about his dead ex-wife. A LOT.  Not in a I miss my dear sweet dead ex-wife kind of way, but in a sad, borderline pathetic, how the hell do I respond to that kind of way. I am not much for small talk in hair salon. I just want to get in and out as cheaply as possibly without it ending in tears. Yes, I have left salons in tears, but that’s mostly because I lack the vocabulary to tell a stylist in his or her terms what I want.  I’ve also learned not to get a haircut, or make any major life decisions for that matter, the week or so leading up to my period. that’s just bad news for everyone involved.


I also went from wearing my contact lenses everyday at this time to going back to my glasses. I see better in my glasses so I now save the contacts for special occasions. Pierre couldn’t handle this. He couldn’t “see” me as a glasses person. He had a serious hang up about it and wouldn’t let it go. It was a little creepy.

It was also very difficult getting an appointment with him based on my schedule. Often I would be the last appointment of the day for him and this was at 5:30 when many people were just getting out of work. He would sigh and make me feel guilty for keeping him late. When I find myself altering my personal life and work schedule to accommodate someone I am paying, well, I have a problem with that. If you are in certain professions you must expect to work outside of normal business hours. A bartender wouldn’t tell you to come back during the day when it was more convenient for them, would they? A wedding photographer wouldn’t ask you to get married on a Tuesday would they? Am I overreacting on this one?


After a while I decided that I no longer wanted to be nagged into dyeing my hair or wearing my contacts. I also couldn’t handle Pierre’s morbid personal stories and scheduling hassles so I cut him loose. But man, he was a wizard with the scissors and he was cheap.


I haven’t decided when I will be cutting my hair, but it’s going to happen. I will likely wait until Spring though because long hair is warm.  In the meantime, I am gathering images to show a stylist and will be looking for someone affordable to go to regularly. It’s only hair, right?



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