How Does Your Garden Grow?

Awww  yeaaah! The bulbs are in the ground! Go grow my little pretties, GROW! Okay, yes, lay dormant for the winter first… gotta get your beauty rest I suppose. But come Spring and Summer I hope to see 60 daffodils, 24 dutch irises, 24 crocuses (crocii?) 12 tulips, and 8 alliums, plus the medley of daffodils and gladioli I planted late this past Spring. That’s 128 bulbs in two days. I should have worn gloves and my hands sting, but I used muscles I ordinarily wouldn’t use, plus hopefully made the front of our unit a little more beautiful.

I planted the daffodils kind of randomly to create a wild look. That’s as much planning as I put into this project. Maybe I’ll see what comes up in the Spring and put some annuals in between them. There’s a lot of tree roots in our little patch of soil so perhaps some strategically placed potted plants are in order? Who knows. I barely know what I am doing as it is, but I’m sick of looking at the bare patch in front of our house. I figure if it’s in the ground though at least least it has a fighting chance for survival. Anything that has to rely on me is doomed.


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