Good Morning!

Good Morning Everyone!

I had to drive Ron to the train station this morning and I managed to not crawl back into bed upon my return. I’ve been awake for over two hours and I’m hoping this will allow me to fall asleep quickly tonight.

My back still hurts, but not nearly as badly as it did last week. I’m still trying to take it easy though so it doesn’t tense up again. At the same time, since I am up early I am trying to get a few things down around the house. A wicked conundrum… how too clean without throwing ones touchy back out of whack. SO far, the key is to do a little bit, then take a break by sitting at the computer. I’ll probably spend the morning writing this post this way.

I am still playing with the photographic capabilities of my new phone. You can view these images HERE on Flickr or HERE on Instagram.

We have also found a new car!  I’m not going to post any more car stuff until it’s in our damn driveway… I don’t want to jinx this and I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing us talk about it anyway. We will be picking it up on Friday so stay tuned!

In other news, I just saw a hummingbird out my front window. Very cool!


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