It’s been a long, stressful summer. So far I have managed to face the stress head on and with a fairly good attitude. I got sick and plowed through it. Antibiotics gave me the squirts and yet I prevailed. I thought I was through the worst of it, but then Tuesday night I threw my f-ing back out.

So while I thought I was handling everything just fine, and managed to get through most of the stressful situations while making the best of them, my body said NO. Just NO. Okay body, I hear you loud and clear now. I get it. I need to slow down and chill out. Can you leave my back alone now?

It’s not my first time at the back pain rodeo. In fact, I wake up most morning stiff and sore, but not like this. This level of pain is something entirely new. I thought I’ve had bad flare  ups before. I have come to realize I had no idea what a bad flare up was. I couldn’t lift my feet without pain in my back. It took over ten minutes for me to get down one flight of stairs yesterday and the final straw was when I couldn’t get my shoes on. It was time to call the doctor.

I am now on some heavy muscle relaxers and some serious pain killers. I will be going back to physical therapy as well as soon as I feel a little better. In the meantime I need to R-E-L-A-X the back so I can move without pain. Apparently I am quite entertaining on painkillers, or at least, my husband says so. I guess I got a little goofy as I was falling asleep last night. I also had some majorly weird dreams that I can’t really remember.

I have today and the rest of the weekend to relax so I’m not making any plans. Time to stretch, ice my back and just chill out.


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