Random Blathering

I finished the antibiotics but apparently they are not finished with me. I am still spending way too much time in the bathroom. I must admit, I weighed myself this evening and was a little disappointed I hadn’t lost any weight to compensate for this unfortunate side effect of the antibiotics. I feel better though. I’ve stopped coughing up goo and I can breathe again. Hopefully I’ll be 100% in a few more days. When I get sick like this it’s usually a three week ordeal from beginning to end. I better not get this again this Fall, like I do every !$!?&! year.


Last October I helped catch someone stealing a co-workers bicycle from the building I work in. The guy was arrested and the bike was retrieved. Several weeks ago I got a subpoena in the mail summoning me to a trial regarding this matter.  I got to spend this morning sitting at the courthouse waiting to testify, which did not come to pass. The guy ended up taking some community service and agreeing to join a substance abuse program. Here’s hoping this jackass turns his life around and stops stealing from people. It wouldn’t hurt if he told all of his little scumbag friends not to mess with librarians either.


Our friend who nearly became homeless is all settled in to his new place. It was a stressful process and hopefully it will all work out for him. It’s been a long summer and now that this friend is settled  we can all move on with our lives. We wish him  the best, but I’ll be honest in saying that we don’t need to hear too much from him for a while.  It’s time for us to focus on us which brings me to….


… a new car!

The hunt is still on, but we’re getting there.  As I have said before, the car buying process is overwhelming and sucks bigtime, but we are making progress. But man… does it SUUUUUUUCK.


Hockey season is just over a month away! WOO-HOO!



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