Car Crap

We are officially looking for a new car to replace my beloved PT Cruiser. Okay, maybe not beloved, but more of a love-hate relationship. I love that car, but it’s twelve years old and it’s showing it’s age. I’ve spent too much money repairing it during the last two years and it’s tome to retire it.

We started researching cars during the last couple of weeks and yesterday we started “trying them on” so to speak. We’re sitting in some and test driving others, We’ve narrowed it down to three or so. Which three? Not telling yet.

I have to say that so far, I hate the car buying process. The last two cars we bought we knew what we wanted and went out an got it.  Not knowing what you want sucks. Sales people suck. Walking around car lots in the hot sun sucks.

Sales people keep trying to show us cars out of our price range.  We had a guy show us a car that was 10,000 over what we were willing to pay.  What was he thinking?  And we don’t really give a crap about whether or not our driving experience is “engaging” or not.

But now that we’ve got it narrowed down to three we can start looking for a deal in our price range. I can’t wait till this is over though…  What a pain in the butt.


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