Even More Random Blathering

I’d like to have a week where nothing goes wrong, I don’t bitch about anything, No broken cars, the weather is fine and all is right with the world. Just one week. No more drama. No more bullshit. Is that too much to ask? I ‘m getting a little sick of hearing myself talk about certain things and certain people. UGH.

Longmire – Ron and I are loving the shit out of this show. Go get your hands on Season 1 and watch it right now.


I seem to be sick again. Too much stress and doing too much has left the door open to cooties and I am now coughing up greiyge colored, silly putty-like goo. Yeah, I said greiyge. It’s gray-beige. If it isn’t a real word it should be. I have the best husband in the world. He takes care of me when I feel like hell. Too bad I technically don’t have a doctor at the moment because she up and left the practice I went to. Here’s hoping they hire a new female doctor and soon. If I’m going to meet a new doctor I want to only do it once and I’m not interested in the other doctor at the practice beyond getting him to refill my prescriptions.


Cards Against Humanity with good friends is excellent therapy. The tequila didn’t hurt either.


I love babies. I am very happy for all of the folks I know who have had babies recently, and boy oh boy, there are a lot of you. I am even happy for the royal couple and their royal crotch fruit. Really, I am. I’m just getting a little sick and tired of hearing about them. Yeah, I’ve been guilty of over sharing news and photos of my niece and nephews, as well as other kiddos I know, but there has been a literal onslaught of babies this week. I’m probably going to lay off of Facebook for a while until the baby barrage slows down.




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