I am Officially Fat


I had a follow up appointment with my doctor about two weeks ago. I started blood pressure meds back in February and I have a family history of heart disease. At the end of the appointment my doctor handed me a printout with the heading Abnormal Weight Gain: After Your Visit. I have gained about ten pounds since February. My cholesterol has also risen since then.

My diet and activity level while not great,  hasn’t really changed a whole lot since February so really, the only thing that is drastically different is the new medication. Could THAT be the reason for the weight gain and cholesterol spike? Perhaps. But it isn’t always so simple, or is it? Maybe it’s because I am now over 40. I s’pose I ought to follow my doctors advice and try to lose some weight before making that call. It sure seems like a funny coincidence to me though.


I feel like I’ve won the genetic lottery and “spent” it all. I am tall, blonde, and up until the last ten years or so, naturally thin. The last ten years have been an exercise (pun intended) in denial. I was one of those very annoying folks who could eat whatever they wanted and not gain much weight, or rather, it didn’t really show. I was told “you carry it well” when I told folks what I weigh. I graduated from high school 23 years ago just shy of 5’10” and 132 pounds and over the years it’s crept up to 185 pounds and change. Like most lottery winners, I didn’t know how to handle it and I seem to have pissed away my “winnings” and now I am officially fat.

Oh, shut up.

Oh, shut up.

I realize ones high school weight is an unrealistic gauge by which to judge oneself. But having never really had to watch my weight I’ve had to learn how to do it. I am not terribly good at it. I’ve tried keeping a food diary and that does help. I’m not even sure what the healthy weight range for my height is. I s’pose I ought to go look that up.

Seriously, how much are folks supposed to weigh?

Seriously, how much are folks supposed to weigh?

According to this calculator, I should weigh between 129 – 174 pounds. That’s kind of a big range. Weightwatchers.com says 139 – 174. THIS calculator says I am only marginally overweight and my ideal weight range is between 166 – 182.6 pounds. Who am I supposed to believe? And don’t get me started on BMI… I generally think the whole BMI thing is a bullshit weight loss marketing tool.


And what the hell am I supposed to eat?

I managed to get down to 164 pounds when I went back to school from 2006 – 2008, but I was working, going to school and lugging heavy photography gear all over the place. I was too busy to eat much and because I was only working part time, too broke to eat out much or buy a lot of quickie prepared meals. Maybe the secret is to keep really, really busy?

Funny side note – Last year, within two weeks of turning 40 three different people congratulated me on my non-existent pregnancy and asked me when I was due. Yeah… that was hilarious.


Unless a woman’s water breaks right in front of you, best not to even mention it.

Over the last 5 years we’ve taken a stab at getting more exercise and even bought an an elliptical trainer. Now that I am over 40 I s’pose it’s time to stop dabbling and get a little more serious about losing a few pounds. I don’t really care if I’m overweight, I can buy new pants when I need to and there’s more to love and all that, but now that my health is involved I think it may be time to finally get off my ass. I guess I should end this here because typing doesn’t burn a whole lot of calories.


That pretty much says it all.


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