Vacation Wrap Up!

We are wrapping up a week long vacation today. Emphasis on the long. It’s been a long week. Work has been kind of stressful lately and I really needed a week off.

It started off with major car woes and a sprained shoulder, and then trying to help a friend from becoming homeless. With any luck it will end on a much quieter note. Yes, I’m talking pajamas all day, sitting around the house doing nothing and not answering the phone kind of quiet.

We did get to see our very dear old friends Sharon and David from Mississippi,  as well as my step-sister Melissa who is in town from Texas with her four young boys. We hung out with our friends Alexi and Maria and played with their baby Nico. Yesterday we celebrated the 2nd and 21st birthdays of Phoenix and Krista and hung out with their family until the heat got to be too much for us.

Me, Sharon, David and Ron

Me, Sharon, David and Ron

Melissa's Boys: Xavier, Theodore, Joseph and Vincent

Melissa’s Boys: Xavier, Theodore, Joseph and Vincent





Our house is also the cleanest its been in ages and that’s never a bad thing. We even started tackling organizing the basement, which is another good thing. I got to dip my toes into the ocean and I decided to eat pretty much whatever the hell I want this week, doctors advice be damned. (That’s a whole ‘nuther post…)

We also framed and hung more photos on our dining room walls. We’ve got one or two more images to print, frame and hang, but that project is pretty much done at last.

There's more on the opposite wall.

There’s more on the opposite wall.

I sprained my shoulder while trying to steer Ron’s car in reverse with a dead battery while he pushed. Yeah… I forgot that there’s no power steering and totally wrenched my shoulder. Not the smartest thing I’ve done. Fortunately its settled to a dull ache and Ibuprofen is my friend. I’m sure it will be back to its normal, only occasionally achy self in another week or two.

Then my car had this happen:
That can't be good.
That looks expensive.

As for our friend who is on the verge of being homeless, well, that’s still an ongoing story. We are cautiously optimistic about this situation. On the one hand we are truly blessed that we have many wonderful friends and the resources to help them out when they need it, but on the other hand sometimes continuously rescuing someone over and over is not in anyone’s best interest. We are taking a bit of a tough love stance this time and perhaps this friend will learn to start helping himself for a change. It’s really, really hard though.

As emotionally and wallet draining as parts of this week have been, it could have been worse. My uncle Johnny was able to fix my car along with getting me a new tire, an oil change and a new battery for Ron, an oil change for him as well AND fixing his air conditioning during the hottest week of the year for under $700. I was seriously expecting that to be a LOT more money. We owe him bigtime. We also had the time off to deal with the logistics of picking up and dropping off cars to be fixed. No small thing there!

We got to see a whole bunch of friends we haven’t seen in a while, enjoy our deck despite the heat and did our best to help a friend out. Those are all good things and I am trying to keep positive thoughts in my head. There’s a buttload of photos coming as well.

So tomorrow we return to our regularly scheduled programming. I don’t particularly want to go back to work tomorrow, but it’s inevitable. Yes, we took off the hottest week of the summer, and a few not so great things happened, but we are thankful they happened when we had time to deal with them. Funny how things tend to happen when we take time off off, but I can’t imagine dealing with the bad things while working this past week. Here’s to less stress and drama for the rest of the summer!


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