New Hotness!

Well, sort of. Our microwave died. We bought a new one. Microwaves make things hot, thus new hotness. See what I did there? SEE? LOOK AT IT.



So on this hot and steamy Fourth of July we are indoors enjoying our freedom to blast the air conditioner while we install the new machine. So far, so good. No ones angry, I only have a wee small cut on my finger from the tape measure and we are about to embark on our first and hopefully only trip to the hardware store.

I’ll be posting photos from my phone HERE throughout the process. I’ll post more here later – check back often!

Well, we’re back from the hardware store and now Ron is bleeding. Nothing major, but it bled right through the first bandaid he put on.

Now to measure twice and cut once… or in our case, measure half a dozen times.

While Ron is in the kitchen making holes in walls and himself, I thought I’d mention that the manufacture date for our microwave was 1986. Yup, that baby was 27 years old. Welcome to the 27 Club! Not much for me to do at this point… I know when to stay out of the way though.

Quote of the day so far is “I got blood on the stove.” Boo-boo count: Ron 2, Kris 1.

Now for a quick clean up because there is sawdust and plaster everywhere.

Alrighty, time for me to help. We lift the new wave onto the bracket Ron installed and it fits perfectly. Then I get to screw in the bolts from above and voila! New microwave! That only took what, 3 hours? Not bad considering we took our time, had to run to the hardware store for two drill bits and clean the kitchen first.

Now what to cook first?



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