Happiness is a Big-Ass Dictionary

Ten years ago I stumbled upon a giant dictionary in a pile of donated books at work. I was heavily into art journaling and altered books at the time and it looked interesting. It was a Websters New Twentieth Century Dictionary from 1952. I made a donation to the book sale crew and lugged that baby home with me.


I thought I could gut it for the vintage paper and illustrations but I noticed it was bound with screw pins. Because of that the pages were easily removable. Hmmm… this might make an interesting journal project! Well, it did! It took me nearly two years to fill it with my own ramblings and artwork, but fill it I did. I had an awesome time doing it and haven’t felt such satisfaction journaling since.


After a couple of years of trying to recapture the magic of that first dictionary journal with other books such as old cookbooks, 3 ring binders and such, they just didn’t feel the same. I missed the magic of it. The colossal task of filling a 5 inch deep book is a bit staggering, but it was so much fun. I started keeping an eye out in used books stores for another old dictionary. Then I started cruising eBay. On eBay these babies usually run in the $30 – $70 range with exorbitant rates for shipping due to the size of the book, so I had kind of given up on finding one anytime soon at a reasonable price.


But then a few weeks ago, I managed to come upon another one. It felt like Christmas when I saw it. Almost exactly ten years after finding the first one, I find a second one.


So shortly after entering a new decade of my life, I now have another giant journal to fill, and this feels oddly right. Let’s see how long it takes me to fill this one, shall we?



One thought on “Happiness is a Big-Ass Dictionary

  1. […] and reinforced the bindings and hinges on that giant dictionary I acquired back in June. You know, THIS ONE. The one I should be filling up with random blatherings such as this and yet haven’t. Well, I […]

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