Brimfield Fair!

Back in May I spent a hot afternoon with my friends Carol, Carrie and Carrie’s son Jack at the Brimfield Fair. I didn’t actually buy anything other than a deep fried Oreo. If you’ve never had one and get the opportunity, try one. It will change your life.

I seriously considered buy these vintage frames, but my eyeglass prescription hasn’t changed so I can’t really justify the expense of new glasses, especially when I already have two pairs.

Carol and Big Ben.

We ran into the film crew for the TV show Flea Market Flip.

Bumped into Bruce Lee.

666 Carol? Whaaaaat?

Jack learns about social niceties. Hey kid, where’s you mother? Every time I turn around to take her picture *poof* she’s gone!


Kind of kicking myself for not buying this ephemera filled scrapbook. Like I need more paper crap, right?

Um… no.

Click HERE to view the rest of the set.


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