We survived Easter. Religious holidays are not really our thing, but it’s nice to get together with people around different holidays and events. And then there’s the food! And Candy! Do Cadbury Cream Eggs count as breakfast? I did much of the cooking for Easter this year and I actually kind of enjoyed it. I know… it’s a sign of the apocalypse or something, right? Ron is still the master of the grill and his steak tips were perfect. He made cookies too! His mom brought macaroni and cheese, brownies , and pie as well. I love a well fed holiday!

We went out with friends for a birthday celebration recently as well, and we’ll be celebrating our niece’s sixth birthday next weekend. With the weather warming up I’m sure the backyard parties will start up again soon and we’ll get to see everyone at some point. Now, what to get a six year old for her birthday?


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