Starting to Feel like Spring!

It’s gonna be 50 degrees out and rainy today… third day in a row of warmish weather and for once I am glad of it. I am really over this Winter. I don’t really like the Summer heat. I much prefer cooler weather as it goes better with my clothing choices (layers hide lumps) and I really, really, really don’t like to be hot. Really. I’m big, pale, sweaty broad.

I want to try to get outside more this Spring before it gets too damn hot. It’s the worst time of year for my allergies, but I need to find some local woods to walk in. I need to get out of buildings. Take some photos and explore. Ride my bike.

I have an urge to try to get rid of the poison ivy along the back fence. I know I live in a condo and it’s not my job to do landscaping, but the poison ivy bothers me. It’s also kind of ugly and weedy out there and the landscapers don’t seem to do anything about it. There’s a cute little grassy area between our unit and the next and the poison ivy grows into the grass. I’m afraid of the oils getting tracked into the house if I decide to go out there. I won’t even begin on the goose shit.

We’re right along a pond so chemical weed killers might be out, and I don’t like them anyway, but I don’t really feel like suiting up and pulling it all out by hand. Also, I don’t know what it looks like until it’s all leafy and all over the place. Maybe a little research is in order? Or maybe I won’t bother and just stay on my damn deck.

I will be planting flowers this year. Don’t know what yet, but I think I need some flowers. Maybe sneak around the community and leave little seed bombs everywhere. First I’ll deal with my little plot out front though.


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