More Snow!

Yesterday we had another major snowstorm. The weather folk did a terrible job of predicting the final amount of snow. TERRIBLE.

It was my day off, so I didn’t have to go anywhere, which I was glad of. But I was stuck in the house all day. Our condo association has a policy of not plowing the driveways until the storm is over. They do the roads so emergency vehicles can get in if needed, but not the driveways. I had intended on running errands and getting things done around the house. The weather sites all said the storm would wind up around noon or so. It did not.

There was too much snow on my driveway for me to shovel on my own and for the first time that I recall I felt trapped by the weather and I didn’t care for it one bit. Cabin fever was really setting in hard. So hard that I went out twice to shovel if only to get out of the damn house. I didn’t get very far. I knew if I could just wait the plow guys would come and it would be fine, and it would all melt soon anyway as it was going to be warm for the next couple of days but I felt I had to do something.

I couldn’t really focus on anything for very long so I distracted myself by making the video above, goofing around online and photographing potatoes. Yes, potatoes.

Click the photo above for more potatoes.

What’s with the potatoes you ask? Ron bought a bag of mixed potatoes a while back and some of them where these weird purple ones. I couldn’t bring myself to cook and eat them – they kind of freaked me out. So I put them in a bowl thinking I might change my mind and promptly forgot about them. They started sprouting. I think I’ll keep them for a few more days and see how they develop. I like the alien look of them.

So after I shot the taters, I was out for my second round of shoveling when Ron got home and whisked me off my feet in all my sweaty glory and took me out to dinner and saved me from going crazy. When we returned the driveway was plowed. I didn’t get anything done, but I did photograph those potatoes!


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