Ikea, You Kea

I had a lovely trip down to Ikea with my friend Carrie this afternoon. I went down to look for an office chair and I came home with THIS BEAUTY. Yes, it’s a folding chair, but I like the retro look of it and the color makes me happy. Because the chair does not have wheels I don’t think I’m going to need a mat on the floor to protect the rug.

We also investigated the “as is” section and found one of THESE with only minor defects and it was already assembled. It magically fit in my car and Carrie helped me get it into the house and upstairs into the craft room. My idea in the store was to put the shelf where I wanted to put a file cabinet. Then pick up one or two file bins n cheerful colors to place on the bottom two shelves and use the rest of the shelves for storage. Sounds like a win-win to me!

The room is now even closer to being complete and its more than ready to start working in. I did manage to get in there while on vacation and make some earrings. Now I just need to get in there more often.


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