A Photo a Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

I’ve been thinking about starting a daily photography project again. I know, I know… I’m always thinking up new projects and never getting around to them or finishing them. Oddly enough though, more times than not, I do and finish daily photo projects.

I will be the first to admit, that daily photo projects are torturous. They totally suck when you are in the middle of doing them, especially when it’s 11:59pm and you haven’t taken your photo for the day yet. The end result is pretty awesome though. You have at least 365 photos you would not have otherwise and the discipline of daily picture taking and editing is healthy too. In the end it only improves your photography.

I’ve done a daily self portrait project, and a daily general photo project. If I start a new project should I have a theme or keep it loose? Should I recruit a buddy to torture along with myself? What if I shot the same damn thing every day for a year and see if I can come up with 365 ways to see that thing/person/place/whatever? Maybe I could photograph something red every day, or something round? A year of portraits of other people? Hmm….. these are things I ponder when I get up early I guess.


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