Under Pressure?

Vacation is almost over and it’s been a very relaxing week. Perhaps too relaxing… I haven’t moved around as much as I ought to and I’ve been quite lazy this week. Well, I did clean early int he week, so not entirely lazy, but not nearly as active as I need to be. Unfortunately, this makes me stiff and sore.

I also had a doctors appointment yesterday and surprise, surprise! I have high blood pressure. You would think with all of the relaxing I have been doing this week my blood pressure would be pretty good, but alas, no. I am now on low dose blood pressure meds. Sheesh! I turn 40 and everything goes to shit. Go me.

So once again it’s time to get off my ass and start exercising again. I’ve got to lower the salt intake as well, which is a damn shame because I love me some salt, with a side order of salt. I was told to increase my potassium intake as well. We both “hit the basement” this afternoon meaning we used the elliptical machine and did some weights and stretching. Time to make that a regular habit again. On the bright side, exercise has it’s own side effects including more energy and ass shrinkage.

So I started these new meds today. There’s a laundry list of possible side effects and one of them is that they may make me dizzy. Another is that I will probably feel tired until I get used to them. Hooray. Yeah… dizzy… about that… I don’t like the dizzy bit. NOT. AT. ALL. The dizziness gets better as the day goes on, but hopefully I will have adjusted before I have to drive early in the morning next week. As for tired, well, I will probably go to bed early tonight. ZZZzzzz…………….


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