Good Morning Sunshine!

Generally speaking, I am not a morning person. Not one bit. I am an Olympic caliber sleeper… once I get to sleep that is. Gettin’ to sleep is tricky, but once I am asleep, hot damn am I good at it.

I have been on vacation this week and I have been getting up early to drive my dear husband to the train station. He had Monday off and will have tomorrow off as well so it’s only three days. The first day, I got home, made a cup of tea, and did stuff. I cleaned the bedroom. I dusted. I did laundry. I had energy. I even cooked! I made beef stew and chicken salad. Cooking when I don’t have to is kinda huge for me. I did stuff.

Day two I got a slow start. I pissed away more than half the day on the computer. Now, granted, I did work on a project for work which is something, but I sat in one spot for far too many hours yesterday. When I got up I was stiff and sore and even a little disoriented. I got off my ass though and cleaned the master bathroom which sorely needed it. I went at my own pace and did not rush. At the end of the day I still felt pretty good. I made dinner and Ron and I settled in to watch the Bruins game (they lost) and then I fell asleep on the couch sitting upright with a laptop perched on my knees and a mouse in my hand.

Today is day three. Today I am very sleepy. This getting up early crap is for the birds. I feel groggy and sore. This morning I am considering going back to bed. I know I shouldn’t though. Let’s see what we can get done today, shall we?




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