I love me a good vacation! Hell, I love me a bad vacation!

I took this whole week off to chill out and relax after the holidays. I also wanted the time to catch up on a few things. So far, this has not gone exactly as planned and that’s okay. Ron had Monday off and took Friday as well because we both have doctors appointments. The couple who gets their physicals together, stays together!

I have a never ending list of projects, a house that sorely needs cleaning and it’s just nice to have some quiet time alone with no need to go anywhere or answer to anyone. I sort of fell down the rabbit hole known as the internet this morning and before I knew it, it was afternoon, but yesterday was a very productive day and dang it, today isn’t over yet!

My bedroom is the cleanest it’s been in ages and I’m going to head off to either tackle a bathroom or go make something in a moment. On my to-do list is to update my jewelry wardrobe and I haven’t made any new earrings in a while. Time to pick apart the ones I’m not wearing and make something new. It’s nice to be able to do things at my own pace while listening to audiobooks and not picking up the phone.



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