Good Morning!

I haven’t written much lately, but I am pleased to say we have survived Christmas. Photos will be coming soon. Now to get off my ass and clean the house! We are having some friends over here tomorrow and the house still looks like Santa’s elves are nesting like mice in here. There is wrapping paper and gifts everywhere, only now they are gifts we received, not ones we are giving. Things need a pretty thorough cleaning in general, and I am procrastinating by typing this… and I haven’t finished my tea. Priorities, yo.

I got up early to drive Ron to the train station with the intent that it would force me to be up and dressed early. The last couple of times I did this I was extremely productive. As a bonus I got to see the sun rise AND the moon set this morning. There was a blazing full moon on the horizon as we headed to the train station and a lovely sunrise as I came back. Pretty awesome! Perhaps it is a sign for New Years?

Well, the house ain’t gonna clean itself… and it will be good to have a clean house to start the new year, so off I go!


Oh yeah… I’ve also decided to  “try on” a few new themes for this blog for the new year. Bear with me for a few days while I settle on a new look for this place. Let me know wha tyou think!


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