Thrift Shop A-Go-Go!

Back on Columbus Day I hosted what has become a semi-annual tradition amongst my friends – A big-ass clothing swap. Today my friend Carol and I went on the second part of this tradition – a thrift shop shopping spree of sorts. Every Veteran’s Day we get together, often with our friend Carrie, and we hit two or three area thrift stores.

Today we hit two big stores and I managed to find four tops, one sweater, two skirts and one pair of jeans all for about $33.00. Not too bad if ye ask me! It’s a lot like hunting… you need a little patience to get the big kill. Last year I managed to find what has become my favorite pair of jeans… who knows what this years haul will bring.

If I were a better blogger, I’d try on everything, making cute outfits, and take photos to post, but alas, I am not a better blogger. Besides, I’m tired and I’m about ready for a walk and bed.



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