How the Zombie Apocalypse is REALLY Going to Happen

Ron was flipping channels the a few days back and he paused briefly on one of the learning/science/PBS type of channels. There was a program on describing what it would take to get human beings on Mars, what they would do when they get there and how they would get home.

I sort of took this idea and ran with it. I started rambling on about how this was how the zombie apocalypse was going to start here on Earth.

You see, for all we know, Mars was once a perfectly good planet, with people, butterflies, kitty cats and happy little trees. For all we know some bizarre contagion wiped out the whole planet a bazillion years ago and the few remaining healthy people escaped and colonized Earth and nuked their planet so the zombies couldn’t follow leaving behind a vast Martian wasteland. Maybe we as Martians looked more like Neanderthals and we’ve evolved to look like the humans we are today. What if we never adapted the ability to fight to off mega-zombie-death germs?

If we go to Mars maybe we’ll bring super space cooties home with us and that my friends is really how it’s all gonna end here on Earth… because some astronaut forgot to wipe his shoes when he got home and infected a whole planet with brain eating zombie flu. Now that would be terrible!

Yes, I realize I read to much fantasy and watch too many science fiction shows and movies, but hey, it’s just as plausible as that whole Mayan thing, isn’t it? It isn’t any more far fetched than any other end of days mythology, right? Y’all know I don’t really think like this, right? That I’m not crazy, right?


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