Time to Get Crafty!

I’m getting a slow start this morning. A nice lazy Monday morning before work. If I can get my ass in gear though I may take a detour on my way in and visit PaperSource. It’s two towns away in the wrong direction so I’ll have to get going soon, but I’m not sure ‘m feelin’ it this morning.

This past Friday was my day off and in a fit of PMS-hormonal driven activity I decided to spontaneously rearrange my art room. It was starting to become a dumping ground and I wasn’t spending as much time in there as I’d like. I started spreading my crap out into the loft and the room was starting to looking like an episode of Hoarders waiting to happen. So I sort of tore the room apart. I had to stop when I got to the heavy stuff and Ron helped me with that yesterday. The room is coming along but I realized, I have a lot of art and craft supplies. A LOT. As in, I don’t need to set foot in a craft store for a very long time. I need to start using some of this stuff up.

But… I have a gift card to PaperSource… and their stuff is so pretty…


Maybe I’ll go tomorrow after I vote. Now to go do more organizing and start makin’ stuff!


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