Here I am catching up on old things I meant to post last month. Better late than never.

Do you remember back in June when I turned 40, went on vacation, and returned to work to find THIS? Well, guess who turned 40 in September? That’s right, Miss Carrie did. So what to do to get back at her for wrapping my entire office in gift wrap? Hmm… what to do, what to do?

My first thought was to fill her car with ping pong balls. Lot’s of ping pong balls… as in 1500+ ping pong balls. I was worried that her dog might encounter one and choke on it though. Luna’s a sweet dog but she ain’t too bright. I also worried that if I did that she would then have 1500+ ping pong balls in her possession which could come back to haunt me. And I’m cheap… while you can buy a gross of them on Amazon for less than ten bucks, when it comes right down to it, I’m a cheapskate.

Other ideas included post it notes, aluminum foil, mailing bizarre things to her house and such, but I settled on a more festive approach. With Ron’s help I filled her car with balloon’s on her last day of work before her vacation. I left a birthday card with a pin in it taped to the window.

We filled almost 100 balloons, but we underestimated the size of the interior of her car. I bet we could have stuffed in 100 more. We didn’t even put any in the trunk. If you ever do this to anyone you should know that you can buy balloon pumps for under 10 bucks so you wear yourself out blowing them up with your mouth. Make your own joke here.

She unfortunately parked right outside the building on this particular day and we were terrified she’d look out the window and discover us. We took one balloon and I snuck (sneaked?) into the building to place it in her mailbox and that’s when she saw me. She did not see the balloon so I played it cool by saying Ron wanted to go to the book sale that was going on that day. A co-worker, who knew what I was trying to do, creeped (crept?) around the desk while I was talking to her and took the balloon from me and put it in her box.

She discovered the balloons shortly after we left. I got a text message from her before we even got home. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!


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