Sorry folks, no music today. It’s been a hell of a week or so and I am just feeling up to typing some of it out of my head now. For starters, I fell at work last week and smashed my hands between a cart handle and some large plastic tubs full of books. Nothing broken, but yeah, that frakkin’ hurt. It still hurts, but the bandages are off, the cuts are mostly healed and the bruises are pretty well faded, but my hands feel like they’re a hundred years old.

I can type, but it hurts and I can’t do it very fast or for very long. Everything requiring my hands seems to take twice as long right now and it’s a little frustrating. It’s amazing how much you need your hands and how much we take them for granted until we mess them up somehow. Writing, typing, making dinner… even sorting laundry this morning was hard. Gripping is the hardest thing to do right now. I drop things. No holding expensive cameras or fragile things unless it’s brief and two handed. Unscrewing things is difficult too.

Many people I know who have had pretty major surgeries, mostly joint replacements, in the last couple of years have told me about how they were all made to get out of bed as soon as possible and move around. I am taking a page out of that book and trying to use my hands as much as possible while they continue to heal so they don’t stiffen up permanently.

Some good things happened in the last week too, but I’ll write about them later. Today I am looking forward to a nice, quiet, uneventful day at work. I’m over the nasty cold, I will not fall or hurt myself today, no trips to the ER, there will be no crazy people, bike thieves or police called and all will be well. Right? Please? Pretty please? Just a nice, quiet and boring day…


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