Here there be Cooties

I’m home sick today with the annual October round of blech. Go me. Ron’s been sick with it all week and I’ve been trying to avoid most direct contact with him but all I managed to do was delay the inevitable, just in time for the weekend.

But… but… I have things to do!!!! WHINE!!!!! I have an event to shoot tomorrow, I’m supposed to help a friend move on Sunday with the added bonus of telling someone else exactly what I think of her and host a Clothing Swap on Monday! WAAA!!!!!!!!!! I can’t be sick. I have a house to clean!!! I’ll have to edit photos and be productive!!!!! I have to drink wine with my friends and get rid of old clothes!!! It’s my favorite season and I want to play! WAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently I have to have an online temper tantrum too.

So I’m home resting today in the hopes this passes quickly. I’ll stay home and rest on Sunday too.  I’ll disinfect the house enough to be presentable and warn my guests that here there be cooties and if they want to stay home I’ll understand. This better not turn into Bronchitis because this gal has things to to do this month! Things I tell ya!


Stay healthy my friends!


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