Would you trust your precious Wedding Day Photos to an iPhone?

Shoot a wedding with your iPhone? What in holy hipster hell is this nonsense?

I’m sorry, but NO. This is the most ridiculous idea I’ve heard in a long time, and I’m usually game for some pretty crazy ideas.

Your wedding day is supposed to be* a once in a lifetime event and those memories are precious. Why trust them to being photographed by a phone? If this couple ever wants to make prints they are going to look like crap. Just because you have Instagram on your phone that doesn’t make you a professional photographer.

I love toy cameras and Instagram-like effects, and I firmly believe that the best camera in the world is the one you have with you, but this is just wrong. Lensbabies, Diana lenses, Holgas, even those gaddamn iPhone’s have their place, but this is not it people. NO, NO, NO. Sure, let your teenaged cousin or a bored bridesmaid shoot a few iPhone snaps for fun, but do not let these be the only photos of this special day. Trust me on this.
Photojojo, I love you and you put some fun in photography for me, but to suggest shooting a wedding with an iPhone is just insulting to those who have spent years learning their craft. Shame on you.

End of rant.

*Okay, I know, I know… sometimes weddings happen more than once in a lifetime. Work with me here people.


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