Random Blathering

There’s a full moon tonight. In fact it’s a blue moon meaning that it’s the second full moon in one month. You may or may not believe that the days leading up to and including the day of the full moon tend to be a little weird, but this week has been crazy. If I didn’t believe in full moon weirdness before, I sure do after this week.

It’s been crazy busy at work, traffic has sucked all week and my car died on Wednesday. I’ve been waking up in the  middle of the night and not just to pee, yet I don’t feel any more sleep deprived than usual. I was surprisingly productive at work this week. I mean I’m usually pretty productive, but this week I hit a home run out of the damn park and down the street with gravy on top. Go me.

Now I am on day one of a four day weekend. We have plans to see friends this weekend, and maybe go see a friends band play in Cambridge. Should be fun. The weather has been pretty good this week though I hear it’s hot out again today. Let me go check.

*sticks head out back door*

Yup, it’s hot. I can’t wait for the days where it’s in the 70’s. It’s 90+ degrees out there right now. I’m glad I don’t live in the south. I’m afraid my pale northern ass couldn’t handle it.


So about my car. My beloved PT Cruiser. The first car I have owned and loved. Yeah, I beat the crap out of it, but I do love that car. It cost me $1700 to get it to pass inspection last month and then it died on my way home this past Wednesday. The check battery light came on as I was leaving work and then about a 3rd of the way home it petered out. I pulled over and called AAA. I love AAA. Worth every damn penny and everyone should have it.

So, guess who has a brand new alternator? I DO! Another $600 into the vehicle. *sigh* I’m still hoping to get one more year out of this thing and it’s still cheaper than car payments, right? RIGHT?


I did a senior portrait session with the son of an old friend of mine from work last week. I think it went well and so far they seem to like the pictures. I am slowly getting back into doing photography again. Been doing a lot of friends and family stuff this summer and that’s a good place to start. I’ve been making albums this summer too and it’s fun to finally see stuff in print.


I just looked at my calendar for the next couple of months and between one of my brothers getting married, attending showers for said wedding and baby showers, tickets for various shows and working I am finding I am about to be very, very busy this Fall. Before I know it, it’s going to be Christmas, and we all know how much I love Christmas. ( I don’t, not one bit. Kill me.)


We celebrated my nephew Dylan’s 16th birthday this past weekend. There will be photos coming soon! LOT’S of photos as a matter of fact.


I didn’t post any music this week because, well, I didn’t feel like it so there. Get over it.


Anyone else sick of politics yet? UGH. I can’t wait til this is over.



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